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What's the difference between Lifetime Pro and Lifetime Expert?

The main difference between the Lifetime plans, apart from the price, is the number of downloads and design requests credits you get per month! With the Merch Lifetime Expert you get 2000 downloads and 4 design requests credits per month, while with the Merch Lifetime Pro you get 200 downloads and 1 design request credits per month.

Other differences include the Merch Lifetime Expert having 2 VA seats available (the Merch Lifetime Pro doesn't have any), and the Merch Lifetime Pro having only a week of exclusivity of the design requests, while the Merch Lifetime Expert has a month.

Also, the Merch Lifetime Pro includes 12000 AI credits in total (not renewable) while the Merch Lifetime Expert includes 24000.

Updated on: 07/12/2023

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