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What types of Subscriptions does Vexels offer?

Vexels offers different licenses and license plans ("subscriptions" or "plans") that apply to the use of its Graphics and Tools. When purchasing the Graphics, the users can opt for two types of licensing modalities, namely, the individual licenses that apply to every Vexels Graphic published on the Website (the “Individual Licenses”), and monthly, annual or custom subscription plans for downloading Graphics and using our services (the “Subscriptions”). Vexels also provides a Free option, which does not allow for any Commercial use, and requires Attribution for the use of its graphics.

Individual Licenses. Vexels offers one individual license called Merch License. The Merch License is a license that provides users with lifetime value and the right to sell the design forever in Merch items. Refer to Section 20 of our terms and conditions for a detailed rundown on their characteristics.

Merch licenses. The Merch Licenses are special licenses included on our Individual License purchase options and Lifetime plans, and allow for users to use our graphics indefinitely, according to the uses specified in these Terms. Refer to Section 20 of our terms and conditions for a detailed rundown on their characteristics.

Subscriptions. There are two major types of Subscriptions offered by Vexels, namely, (i) the Recurring Subscriptions and (ii) the Lifetime Subscriptions. Refer to Section 21 of our terms and conditions for a detailed breakdown on their characteristics.

Recurring Subscriptions. There are six different Recurring subscription plans. Three are based on the Design experience: Starter, Pro, and Business, and three are based on the Merch experience: Merch, Merch Plus, and Ultimate. Each of these plans can be paid for either monthly, or annually, with payments deducted automatically from your payment method of choice.

Lifetime Subscriptions. These are one-time-payment plans, which grant Merch licenses on all downloads and full access to Vexels Tools for as long as they are available, at no extra cost. These plans are not available on the platform by default, and access is reserved for special events or partners.

Rulings over Individual Licenses and Subscriptions are only applicable to the Graphics that are created, owned, and distributed by Vexels. "Vexels Graphics" are those that indicate “by Vexels” under the image preview. The Graphics that are created by third-party authors do not fall within the scope of Individual Licenses and Subscriptions.

Updated on: 28/08/2023

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