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How does My Merch Store work?

My Merch Store is a user-friendly feature within Vexels that allows you to set up and personalize your own online store effortlessly. Similar to other print-on-demands, My Merch Store streamlines the process. You can quickly create and upload products, and we'll handle the complexities of printing and shipping through our print-on-demand service. The benefits include:

Rapid Setup: Have a fully functional store ready to sell within minutes, even if you don't have prior experience.
User-Friendly Management: Easily manage your store, products, and other details. Monitor visits and sales performance with simplicity.
Seamless Payment Processing: My Merch Store takes care of end-user payments and ensures creators/merchers receive their charges without the need for intricate configurations.

You can check out a video tutorial HERE

Updated on: 31/01/2024

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